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Surfboard Repairs

Surfboard repair and prices for surfboards in Tasmania.

We repair all kinds of surfboards and construction types.
Have you just damaged your favorite surfboard, longboard or kneeboard. Surfboard repairs can be a challenge. If you are not confident when working with resin and surfboards, it can become a lot more complicated than it is. Well, if that's you then check out our prices below and give us a call.
We work throughout the week on getting your board back to you asap. If you are desperate to have your stick back in a 24hr to 48hr urgent turn around, then see our additional costs outlined below (This all depends on the repair and what is possible)
All surfboard repairs include de-waxing (free block of wax is included to get you in the water asap)
All surfboard repairs include re-spraying. We'll do our best to match the colours of your board including tints, sprays and any other method you may be rolling with.
*Note Prices are effective September 2020
*All include GST




Standard Ding $60 $80
Multiple Dings + $20 Per Ding + $30 Per Ding
Half Crease $100 $130
Full Crease $140 $160
Snapped Board Clean < 7Ft $160 $280
Snapped Board Clean > 7Ft $250 $300
Snapped Board Rough < 7Ft $200 $250
Snapped Board Rough > 7Ft $280 $320
Nose Damage $80 $120
Tail Damage (Re-Build) $100 $140
Glass On Fins $100 (+ $50)   $120 (+ $60)
FCS (Original) $65 per set (+ $30) $85 per set (+ $50)
FCSII $100 (+ $30) $120 (+ $40)
Future Fins $100 (+ $30)  $120 (+ $40)
Fin Box 8.5" - 10.75" $100 (+ $30) $120 (+ $40)
Legrope Plug $80 $100
Tow Plug $80 (+ $30) $100 (+ $40)
Please note, every repair is different and unique in their own special way. Prices may vary depending on condition. For more information or to book in, please use the following.
We'll take good care of your board and ensure a quality job has been performed for a guarantee to last. If you have any issues please contact us and we'll discuss it for a free re-repair.


Phone Finn on: +61 401 752  880

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