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Here are a bunch of podcasts we think are worth vibrating the ear cavs.


| Aint That Swell Podcast

 aint that swell aquiva surf

One of the greatest assets to audible surf listening on the internets. A laugh, but also super on point as two great surf journo's break down events, incidents and surf epicness in a 2 hour no holds bar sesh. The fella's just wrapped up a live show which they took down the east coast, all the way to Tassie and our very own Aquiva Surf Fest that was one epic night of laughs and more.. You can hear the night unfold below in the soundcloud link.

Check out the podcast and have a listen!



 | Surf Splendour Podcast

Since the early 2000's David Lee Scales has been providing the podcast community with some of the greatest insights and conversations in surfing you can find. Now, hundreds of episodes in with collab hosts including Chas Smith of Beachgrit and Donald Brink of Brink Surfboards the weekly podcasts goes from strength to strength. A true asset and one of the most in sighlful listens in surfing.. You can here David talking with some of our shapers in the Creators & Innovators series below.


Thank you to Surf Splendor and Vissla for their work during the Vissla Sydney Surf Pro and for the following podcasts.






| Lipped the Surfers Podcast

lipped podcast aquiva surf

Jimmy and Cahill break down WSL events and have always got a array of amazing guests. From surfers to wave pool creators, this podcast covers everything. Our fav, the wetsuit and boardshort guides with Tim Hawkins. Tim, a former Torquay resident now living in WA has great surf knowledge of products and is co-founder of the ever so dope Empire Ave website.

Hear the latest and all from Lipped here.

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