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Music, friends and films to swerve too.


Aquiva Surf is reaching out around the globe and these are just some of the people that inspire us to do what we do!

From Save The Waves Coalition in the California to the Surfrider Foundation in Australia. Film, music and surf rad people, follow there socials and get connected.


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Aint That Swell

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Goons Of Doom | Music


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Ozzie Wrong
Vaughan Dead
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Save The Waves Coalition ∞ Trey Highton | Film Festival

Trey heads up the international film festival by Save The Waves. These guys are doing their bit to protect our natural coastal ecostystems with the use of their app. This app can alert a coastal region of possible threats like debris cleanups, spills, erosion, development and more.

Download today and protect your favorite waves.


| Matty Hannon & Surfrider Foundation film


Surfrider Foundation

Our Surfrider crew just returned from King Island, Tasmania with Surfrider Ambassador, Barton Lynch where we met with the local community to hear their views on the proposed Tassal fish farms threatening Martha Lavinia Beach surf break.

Their views were unanimous - No to fish farms on King Island.

Not only do these farms threaten the world famous surf break but the broader community is also extremely concerned about the threat of disease, fish escapes and increased predators in the water that threaten not only their livelihoods but the reasons they choose to live in one of the most beautiful and pristine parts of the world. They fish, dive or surf daily and this would be threatened by an outside company coming in to capitalise on the natural, pristine conditions.

Please help us fight for Martha's as part of our endangered waves programme.
Help out your fellow surfers. Your break could be next.

For more information, please go to
And please sign the petition at

Special thanks to Ben Howard, King Island Surf Safaris, Red Herring Surf, Hurley, Bersih, Sean Davey, Vaughan Oconnor and the wonderful people of King Island.

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