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Captain Fin is a bona fide surf company. Specialising in fiberglass fins, Captain Fin has grown from super humble beginnings in California, USA. All fins are still handmade in the US and shipped here COVID free (for the most part).

Captain Fin started in 2007 on the beach by a bunch of surfers. Now, they have probably one of the most diverse teams of ragtag misfits and all-round bloody legend rippers known to cult surf mass media.

Dane Reynolds, Tanner Gudang, Dylan Graves, Dion Agius, Chippa Wilson, Joel Tudor, Tyler Warren, Kassia Meador, Jeff McCallum, Alex Knost, Matt Archy Achabold, Troy Elmore, Thomas Campbell, Wade Goodall, Chris Christensen, Brothers Mashal, Scotty Spotnik, Leila Hurst and many more. . . Incredible.

They make the best surf fins for surfing. Single Fins, Twin Fins, Pivot, thruster, quad, and 5 fin setups but of course you wouldn’t run all 5 fins at once, would you!?

So if you are looking for a surfboard fin and don’t see what you are looking for here. Give us a call and we’ll get it in for you! Simple. We are slowly bringing the stoke that Captain Fin projects right here in Tasmania. Get around this company.


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