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aquiva surf fest


#aquivafest :: 2019

may 31st :: june 1st

about __

Welcome to Aquiva Surf Festival; a city escape of coastal wonders. We transform an underground cinema into a wild ride of surf, adventure, craftsmanship and conversation. Over two nights and a whole day catch a curated selection of Australia's finest shapers, film makers and musicians as you have never seen them before. While we are open to the public for free viewing, be sure to get your limited tickets as we transcend into unknown waters.


Aquiva Festival respectfully acknowledges the past and present traditional custodians of this land on which we are meeting.

music __

aquiva fest goons of doom
Goons Of Doom
aquiva fest the bungalows
The Bungalows
aquiva fest aint that swell
Ain't That Swell (Live)
aquiva surf jelly mammath
Jelly Mammoth
aquiva fest come knights
Come Knights
aquiva fest eddy and the low tides
Eddy & The Low Tides
aquiva surf bronze savage
Bronze Savage
aquiva surf session b
Session B

shapers __

aquiva surf luke daniels surfboards
Luke Daniels
aquiva surf serpent sleds
Serpent Sleds (Andrew Mooney)
aquiva fest seymonster shapes
Seymonster Shapes
aquiva surf stranger surfboards
Stranger Surfboards
aquiva surf baby darcy day
Baby By DDay Surfboards
aquiva surf faze surfboards
Faze Surfboards

artists __

aquiva fest dane chisholm

Dane Chisholm

aquiva surf jason hazle

Jason Hazle

aquiva surf stu gibson photo

Stu Gibson Photo

aquiva surf ozzy wrong

Ozzy Wrong

aquiva surf nick green

Nick Green Photo

aquiva fest matty hannon

Matty Hannon Film

aquiva fest larmor



info __

:: Friday 31st May ::

 Ain't That Swell Ft Jed & Vaughan

 Guests :: Parko, Occy, Mick Lawrence, Marti Paradisis, Mikey Brennan

The Vissla Shapers Shack

 5pm - 7pm :: Baby By Dday (Darcy Day)


Save The Waves :: Films from Matty Hannon



Ozzy Wrong :: Dane Chisholm :: Jason Hazel :: Nick Green :: Larmor :: Tina Mose (VIC) :: Stu Gibson


Come Knights :: The Bungalows (2nd show) :: Sexy Lucy

Pop-Up Store

Vissla :: Aquvia :: Captain Fin :: Surf Ears :: Octopus :: Keep Tassie Wild :: Sea Sheppard :: Luna Jewellery

:: Saturday 1st June :: Free Events


The Vissla Shapers Sha


12pm - 2pm :: Stranger Surfboards

2pm - 4pm :: Luke Daniels

4pm - 6pm :: Seymonster Shapes

6pm - 8pm :: Serpent Sleds / Faze Surfboards


2pm is for the Groms! Conservation Film and animations (Running Time 1hr)


Save The Waves - short film

The Wild - by Aaron Leiber

Bright Spots - Jilli Rose

Pangeaseed San Diego

Grande - Nuno Dias

Last Straw - Azulita Project

All The Way to the Ocean - Doug Rowell

@415 Plumber's Obsession - Jeff Den Broeder

Bucket Board - Mac Premo

Zack & Molly - Jim Toomey


6pm is for the grownup kids (come sit in the theater, grab a Pirate Life and enjoy)


Never Town - Patagonia & Sean Doherty

Island Home - Thunderbox (Matty Hannon & Gary Parker)

Save Martha Lavina - Matty Hannon

Save The Waves Film Festival



Ozzy Wrong :: Dane Chisholm :: Jason Hazel :: Nick Green :: Larmor :: Tina Mose :: Stu Gibson


Music (Tickets Available for late night wonders)

Goons Of Doom :: The Bungalows :: Jelly Mammoth :: Eddie & The Low Tides :: Bronze Savage :: Session B :: Finn Whitla

Pop-Up Store

A huge range of Captain Fin Twin Fins, Single Fins, Quads and Thrusters :: Octopus Grip

Surf Ears Activation (Beers & Ears) Check em before you wreck em..


aquiva fest friday lineup

aquiva fest saturday lineup

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